Process Safety and Environmental Protection 2016 DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2016.06.024 View full text
C. Font-Palma, O. Errey, C. Corden, H. Chalmers, M. Lucquiaud, M. Sanchez del Rio, S. Jackson, D. Medcalf, B. Livesey, J. Gibbins, M. Pourkashanian

Abstract: AbstractAn integrated advanced supercritical coal-fired oxyfuel power plant with a novel cryogenic CO2 separation and compression technology for high purity CO2 to suit injection for enhanced oil recovery purposes is investigated. The full process is modelled in Aspen Plus® consisting of: an Air Separation Unit (ASU), an Advanced Supercritical Pulverised Fuel (ASC PF) power plant with a bituminous coal as feedstock, a steam cycle, and a Carbon dioxide Purification Unit (CPU). The proposed CPU process accommod…

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