volume 191, issue 5, P2299-2307 2013
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1300472
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Shinji Takai, Jeffrey Schlom, Joanne Tucker, Kwong Y. Tsang, John W. Greiner

Abstract: The present study affirmed that isolated CD8+ T cells express mRNA and produce TGF-β following cognate peptide recognition. Blockage of endogenous TGF-β with either a TGF-β-blocking antibody or a small molecule inhibitor of TGF-βRI enhances the generation of CD62Lhigh/CD44high central memory CD8+ T cells accompanied with a robust recall response. Interestingly, the augmentation within the central memory T cell pool occurs in lieu of cellular proliferation or activation, but with the expected increase in the r…

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