Biochemical Pharmacology volume 82, issue 4, P350-357 2011 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2011.05.006 View full text
Chunhua Yuan, Lirong Sun, Meng Zhang, Shuji Li, Xuemin Wang, Tianming Gao, Xinhong Zhu

Abstract: Strychnine and brucine from the seeds of the plant Strychnos nux vomica have been shown to have interesting pharmacological effects on several neurotransmitter receptors. In this study, we have characterized the pharmacological properties of strychnine and its analogs on human Na(v)1.5 channels to assess their potential therapeutic advantage in certain arrhythmias. Among the eight alkaloids, only strychnine and icajine exhibited inhibition potency on the Na(v)1.5 channel with the half-maximum inhibition (IC(50…

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