volume 51, issue 1, P5-28 2018
DOI: 10.2478/cerce-2018-0001
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M.A.H. Darwish, W.Z.E Farhat, A. El Sabagh

Abstract: Abstract Six parents, i.e. Gemmeiza 9, Sids 12, Misr 1, Misr 2, Sids 1 and Sham 4, were used and evaluated with corresponding 15 F2 crosses. The parents in each cross were significantly different for most of these characters, revealing the different genetic background of the parents involved. The phenotypic variances in the F2 crosses were differed significantly from the environmental variances in the corresponding parents in most cases. The parents Gemmeiza 9, Sids 12, Misr 1, Misr 2 were resistant for leaf r…

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