DOI: 10.4025/actascianimsci.v43i1.52609
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Wellington dos Santos, Rodrigo Garófallo Garcia, Bruna de Souza Eberhart, Jean Kaique Valentim, Felipe Cardoso Serpa, Maria Fernanda de Castro Burbarelli, Gisele Aparecida Felix, Mônica Filomena de Assis Souza

Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the influence of homeopathic products in diets of quails in the egg quality when submitted to different storage periods. In the trial we used 200 Japanese quails in a completely randomized design with 4 diets: reference diet, vehicle used in homeopathic products and 2 homeopathic products - Fertsigo® and Ovosigo® with ten replicates of three eggs in each. Egg quality parameters were evaluated during 3 storage periods. Data were evaluated as repeated measures in time, the effects of…

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