AVM volume 8, issue 2, P11-18 2016 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v8i2.110 View full text
Nikolina Novakov, Miroslav Ćirković, Brankica Kartalović, Miloš Pelić, Dimitrije Matić, Dragana Ljubojević, Biljana Božić

Abstract: Lernaea cyprinacea in common carp and other warm water fi shes is one of the major problems of aquaculture industry in Serbia. Infestations with Lernaea are most prevalent in the summer months and occur more commonly in stagnant or slow-moving water bodies. Th e optimal temperature range for Lernaea development is 26–28°C. In the present study infection rate of L. cyprinacea in two diff erent categories of fi sh pond cultured common carp was done. Pathological eff ects and control of the disease of infected fi…

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