volume 9, issue 1, P114-132 2016
DOI: 10.18632/aging.101127
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Massimiliano Mellone, Christopher J. Hanley, Steve Thirdborough, Toby Mellows, Edwin Garcia, Jeongmin Woo, Joanne Tod, Steve Frampton, Veronika Jenei, Karwan A. Moutasim, Tasnuva D. Kabir, Peter A Brennan, Giulia Venturi, Kirsty Ford et al.

Abstract: Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAF) remain a poorly characterized, heterogeneous cell population. Here we characterized two previously described tumor-promoting CAF sub-types, smooth muscle actin (SMA)-positive myofibroblasts and senescent fibroblasts, identifying a novel link between the two. Analysis of CAF cultured ex vivo, showed that senescent CAF are predominantly SMA-positive; this was confirmed by immunochemistry in head & neck (HNSCC) and esophageal (EAC) cancers. In vitro, we found that fibroblasts i…

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