volume 76, issue 1, P11-17 2007
DOI: 10.5025/hansen.76.11
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Abstract: Moxifloxacin(MFLX) and garenoxacin(GRNX), new synthetic antibacterial agents, were assessed for in vitro anti-M. leprae activities. The anti-bacterial activities of these two drugs were compared to those of sparfloxacin (SPFX), gatifloxacin(GFLX), levofloxacin(LVFX) and rifampicin (RFP). The anti-M leprae activity obtained by Buddemeyer system was stronger in order of RFP, MFLX, SPFX, GFLX and GRNX and LVFX. The anti-M. leprae activity of MFLX or GRNX was also examined by the nude mouse footpad method. MFLX co…

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