volume 74, issue 1, P43-48 2005
DOI: 10.5025/hansen.74.43
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Abstract: Activities of newly synthesized fluoroquinolnes WQ-3345 and WQ-3402 against M. leprae were measured by using the Buddemeyer method. The % inhibition of the examined drugs for M. leprae was in the order of RFP > WQ-3402 > SPFX > GFLX > WQ-3345 > LVFX. The anti-M. leprae activity of WQ-3402 was found to be strongest in these five fluoroquinolones when examined by this method, and the activity of WQ-3345 was weaker than that of GFLX. The anti-M. leprae activities of WQ-3345 and WQ-3402 were measured by a mouse fo…

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