volume 23, issue 3, P345-352 2020
DOI: 10.1093/europace/euaa201
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Nikki A H A Pluymaekers, Astrid N L Hermans, Rachel M J van der Velden, Monika Gawałko, Dennis W den Uijl, Saskia Buskes, Kevin Vernooy, Harry J G M Crijns, Jeroen M Hendriks, Dominik Linz

Abstract: Abstract During the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, outpatient visits in the atrial fibrillation (AF) clinic of the Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+) were transferred into teleconsultations. The aim was to develop anon-demand app-based heart rate and rhythm monitoring infrastructure to allow appropriatmanagement of AF through teleconsultation. In line with the fundamental aspects of integrated care, including actively involving patients in the care process and providing comprehe…

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