DOI: 10.2118/200695-ms
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Munther Al Kalbani, Hatem Al Shabibi, Oleg Ishkov, Duarte Silva, Eric Mackay, Salima Baraka-Lokmane, Pierre Pedenaud

Abstract: Abstract Injection of Low Sulphate Seawater (LSSW) instead of untreated Full Sulphate Seawater (FSSW) is widely used to mitigate barium sulphate (BaSO4) scaling risk at production wells. LSSW injection may no longer be required when the barium (Ba2+) concentrations in the produced water drop below a certain threshold. Such a trigger value could be estimated from the BaSO4 precipitation tendency. Relaxation of requirements for the Sulphate Reduction Plant (SRP) can significantly reduce operationa…

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