volume 80, issue 16, P8190-8198 2006
DOI: 10.1128/jvi.00504-06
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Tatiana Gianni, Romana Fato, Christian Bergamini et al.

Abstract: Entry of herpes simplex virus into cells occurs by fusion and requires four glycoproteins. gD serves as the receptor binding glycoprotein. Of the remaining glycoproteins, gH carries structural and functional elements typical of class 1 fusion glycoproteins, in particular ␣-helix 1 (␣-H1), with properties of a candidate fusion peptide, and two heptad repeats. Here, we characterized ␣-H2 and compared it to ␣-H1. ␣-H2 (amino acids 513 to 531) is of lower hydrophobicity than ␣-H1. Its deletion or mutation decreas…

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