volume 7, issue 1, P378-384 2013
DOI: 10.2174/1874325001307010378
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Heather K Vincent, Susan S Percival, Bryan P Conrad, Amanda N Seay, Cindy Montero, Kevin R Vincent

Abstract: Objective:This study examined the changes in synovial fluid levels of cytokines, oxidative stress and viscosity six months after intraarticular hyaluronic acid (HA) treatment in adults and elderly adults with knee osteoarthritis (OA).Design:This was a prospective, repeated-measures study design in which patients with knee OA were administered 1% sodium hyaluronate. Patients (N=28) were stratified by age (adults, 50-64 years and elderly adults, ≥65 years). Ambulatory knee pain values and self-reported physical …

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