volume 13, issue S336, P176-179 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317010213
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K. Immer, M. Reid, A. Brunthaler, K. Menten, Q. Zhang, X. Lu, E. A. C. Mills, A. Ginsburg, J. Henshaw, S. Longmore, D. Kruijssen, T. Pillai

Abstract: AbstractThe Central Molecular Zone (CMZ), the inner 450 pc of our Galaxy, is an exceptional region where the volume and column densities, gas temperatures, velocity dispersions, etc. are much higher than in the Galactic plane. It has been suggested that the formation of stars and clusters in this area is related to the orbital dynamics of the gas. The complex kinematic structure of the molecular gas was revealed by spectral line observations. However, these results are limited to the line-of-sight-velocities. …

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