volume 10, issue 5, Pe180-e181 2015
DOI: 10.1016/j.clnesp.2015.03.012
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B. Drinkwater, B.K. Clarke, J. Ratcliffe, J. Jones, P. Deel-Smith, S.C. Cooper

Abstract: Using pH indicators to measure nasogastric tube aspirate is subjective. Accuracy relies on the reproducibility of results. Colour of solution tested and method of use could also affect the results. This in-vitro study aimed to assess the effect of these variables on the reliability of pH indicators. 250 non buffered fluids (140 clear, 110 coloured) were assessed. pH was measured by 1 rater with 10 pH indicators and compared against values from a calibrated pH meter. 100 samples were tested twice with each indi…

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