Superlattices and Microstructures volume 40, issue 4-6, P405-411 2006 DOI: 10.1016/j.spmi.2006.09.028 View full text
Matteo Meneghini, Lorenzo Trevisanello, Gaudenzio Meneghesso, Enrico Zanoni, Francesca Rossi, Maura Pavesi, Ulrich Zehnder, Uwe Strauss

Abstract: This paper analyses the thermally-activated failure mechanisms of GaN LED test-structures related with the presence of a hydrogen rich SiN passivation layer, by comparing the electrical and optical behaviour of samples with and without passivation during thermal stress. The analysis was carried out by means of electroluminescence, cathodoluminescence, emission microscopy and current–voltage measurements. Thermal treatment induced degradation only on the samples with passivation: identified degradation modes we…

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