Proc. IAU volume 13, issue S337, P108-111 2017 DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317009073 View full text
Zorawar Wadiasingh, Matthew G. Baring, Peter L. Gonthier, Alice K. Harding

Abstract: Pulsed non-thermal quiescent emission between 10 keV and around 150 keV has been observed in ∼ 10 magnetars. For inner magnetospheric models of such hard X-ray signals, resonant Compton upscattering of soft thermal photons from the neutron star surface is the most efficient radiative process. We present angle-dependent hard X-ray upscattering model spectra for uncooled monoenergetic relativistic electrons. The spectral cut-off energies are critically dependent on the observer viewing angles and electron Loren…

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