DOI: 10.1109/plasma.2004.1339907
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A.W. Cross, S.V. Samsonov, W. He, V.L. Bratman, A.D.R. Phelps, G.G. Denisov, C.G. Whyte, A.R. Young, K. Ronald, C.W. Robertson, D.C. Speirs, E.G. Rafferty, J. Thomson

Abstract: Experimental operation of a gyrotron backward wave oscillator with a helically corrugated interaction region is presented. A thermionic cathode electron gun in a Pierce-type geometry was used to generate a rectilinear electron beam of Ips pulse duration, 185keV energy and -2.5A in current. Transverse velocity was imparted to the electron beam in a 'kicker' consisting of 4 pairs of small rectangular multi-tum coils arranged in a Helmholtz-like configuration. When a pulsed current was applied to the kicker, the…

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