DOI: 10.1109/plasma.2004.1339899
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A. Ting, D.F. Gordon, R.F. Hubbard, E. Briscoe, T. Jones, C. Manka, S.P. Slinker, A.P. Baronavski, H.D. Ladouccur, P.W. Grounds, P.G. Girardi, P. Sprangle

Abstract: The time evolution of electrical discharges induced and guided between the cathode of a 200 kV Van de Graf generator and a ground sphere was studied using a 100 fs TiSapphire laser. [Phys. Plasmas IO, 4530 (2003)l Nonlinear focusing and ionization effects produce optical and plasma filaments in the discharge region. Streak camera images often exhibit streamers that propagate towards the cathode, but sudden discharge triggering is frequently observed with no streamer precursors. The typical discharge triggeri…

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