DOI: 10.1109/plasma.2004.1339996
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A. Krokhmal, J.Z. Gleizer, Ya.E. Krasik, V.Ts. Gurovich, J. Felsteiner

Abstract: The operation of a hollow-anode (HA) electron source with a biased output grid and an incorporated ferroelectric plasma source (FPS) in a diode powered by a 200 kV, 400 ns pulse is described. It was found that the FPS allows reliable ignition and sustaining of the HA discharge with current amplitude 11.2 M a n d pulse duration <2x s a t N, gas pressure of (l-3)x104 Torr. Parameters of the hollow-anode plasma were studied by different electrical, optical and spectroscopic diagnostics. It was found that the pla…

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