volume 40, issue 5, P871-880 2006
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2005.11.044
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A. Franco, E. Roca, J.M. Lema

Abstract: In this work, the effect of the application of a pulse system to anoxic upflow sludge bed (USB) denitrifying reactors for enhancing sludge granulation was studied. In all, three 0.8 L reactors (two operated with flow pulsation, P1 with effluent recycling and P2 without recycling, and one without pulsation and effluent recycling, no pulsation (NP)) were fed with a mixture of NaNO3 and glucose and inoculated with methanogenic granular sludge. The organic loading rate (OLR) and the nitrogen loading rate (NLR) wer…

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