volume 193, issue 7, P3470-3491 2014
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1301663
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Deirdre D. Scripture-Adams, Sagar S. Damle, Long Li, Koorosh J. Elihu, Shuyang Qin, Alexandra M. Arias, Robert R. Butler, Ameya Champhekar, Jingli A. Zhang, Ellen V. Rothenberg

Abstract: GATA-3 expression is crucial for T cell development and peaks during commitment to the T-cell lineage, midway through the CD4−CD8− (DN) 1-3 stages. We used RNA interference and conditional deletion to reduce GATA-3 protein acutely at specific points during T-cell differentiation in vitro. Even moderate GATA-3 reduction killed DN1 cells, delayed progression to DN2 stage, skewed DN2 gene regulation, and blocked appearance of DN3 phenotype. Although a Bcl-2 transgene rescued DN1 survival and improved DN2 cell ge…

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