volume 15, issue 9, Pe0237979 2020
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0237979
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Orhun C. Taskin, Olca Basturk, Michelle D. Reid, Nevra Dursun, Pelin Bagci, Burcu Saka, Serdar Balci, Bahar Memis, Enrique Bellolio, Juan Carlos Araya, Juan Carlos Roa, Oscar Tapia, Hector Losada, Juan Sarmiento et al.

Abstract: Background Different perspectives exist regarding the clinicopathologic characteristics, biology and management of gallbladder polyps. Size is often used as the surrogate evidence of polyp behavior and size of �1cm is widely used as cholecystectomy indication. Most studies on this issue are based on the pathologic correlation of polyps clinically selected for resection, whereas, the data regarding the nature of polypoid lesions from pathology perspective-regardless of the cholecystectomy indication-is highly l…

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