volume 13, issue S336, P309-310 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317011498
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K. Asanok, B. Hutawarakorn Kramer, S. Etoka, M. Gray, A. M. S. Richards, N. Gasiprong, N. Naochang

Abstract: W49 A is a star-forming region (SFR) found in the constellation of Aquila. It contains 3 active regions: W49 North (W49 N), W49 South West (W49 SW) and W49 South (W49 S). We present preliminary results from two epochs (e-)MERLIN observations of all ground-state OH masers towards the star-forming region (SFR) complex W49 A. The first epoch of observations was done in full-polarization mode with MERLIN in 2005 while the second epoch was obtained only in dual circular polarization during the test observations of …

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