volume 67, issue 382, P139-144 2021
DOI: 10.1590/0366-69132021673823028
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S. S. Jadhav, S. P. Jadhav, R. S. Ramshetti, S. R. Kamble, S. M. Patange

Abstract: The spinel ferrite system Ni 1-x Zn x Fe 2 O 4 (x=0-0.7, Δx=0.1) was prepared by wet chemical co-precipitation method using sulfates of respective metal ions. The electrical resistivity and dielectric properties of the prepared samples have been studied as a function of temperature, frequency, and Zn content (x). The DC resistivity (ρ) was measured in the temperature range of 300 to 800 K. The curves so plotted show two phases viz. ferrimagnetic and paramagnetic, wherein the transformation from former to later…

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