Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing 2011 DOI: 10.5935/1676-4285.20113243 View full text
Sandra Marcia Soares Schmidt, Vânia Marli Schubert Backes, Maria do Horto Fontoura Cartana, Maria de Lourdes Denardin Budó, Helena Carolina Noal, Rosângela Marion da Silva

Abstract: Aim: To analyze the strategies of permanent education in health (EPS, in Portuguese) taking into account the Brazilian National Policy of Permanent Education in Health (PNEPS, in Portuguese) and micropolitical construction; to understand the situation of EPS management and other health practices, to identify the predominant educational concept and its directions; to describe the strengths and the limitations associated with incorporating the EPS actions in the work routines in healthcare; to correlate the con…

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