2020 DOI: 10.20944/preprints202008.0715.v1 View full text Preprint
Victor Olenin Ramírez-Beltrán, Luis Adrian Zuninga Avilés, Rosa Maria Valdovinos-Rosas, Jose Javier Reyes-Lagos, Giorgio Mackenzie Cruz-Martínez

Abstract: The experimental results of forces and efforts derived from the opening of incisions in the orbital cavity in a pig’s head are presented in this article. The different areas of the incision openings are related to the needs at the incision procedure for a dacryocystorhinostomy. In terms of the experimental procedure, an origin and a plane are defined so as to allow the location of the opening of the incision. The incisions are retracted along an axis of said origin. This procedure has been based on t…

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