volume 159, issue 8, P2620-2635 2012
DOI: 10.1016/j.combustflame.2012.01.015
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Markus Köhler, Klaus-Peter Geigle, Thomas Blacha, Peter Gerlinger, Wolfgang Meier

Abstract: A sooting C 2 H 4 /air jet diffusion flame was investigated experimentally by laser measuring techniques and the results are compared to CFD calculations. The target flame (C 2 H 4 10.4 g/min, bulk exit velocity 44 m/s, RE = 10000) exhibits well-defined boundary conditions and presents a good test case for model validation. Flow velocity, temperature and soot volume fraction in this flame has been measured previously. In this paper, further experimental results from Raman scattering and laser-induced fluoresce…

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