volume 156, issue 8, P1594-1603 2009
DOI: 10.1016/j.combustflame.2009.03.006
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H. Bufferand, L. Tosatto, B. La Mantia, M.D. Smooke, A. Gomez

Abstract: a b s t r a c tThe chemical structure of a methane counterflow diffusion flame and of the same flame doped with 1000 ppm (molar) of either jet fuel or a 6-component jet fuel surrogate was analyzed experimentally, by gas sampling via quartz microprobes and subsequent GC/MS analysis, and computationally using a semi-detailed kinetic mechanism for the surrogate blend. Conditions were chosen to ensure that all three flames were non-sooting, with identical temperature profiles and stoichiometric mixture fraction, …

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