volume 191, issue 10, P5026-5035 2013
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1300013
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Tobias Boettler, Youn Soo Choi, Shahram Salek-Ardakani, Yang Cheng, Friedrich Moeckel, Michael Croft, Shane Crotty, Matthias von Herrath

Abstract: T cell co-stimulation is a key component of adaptive immunity to viral infection but has also been associated with pathology due to excessive or altered T cell activity. We recently demonstrated that the TNFR family co-stimulatory molecule OX40 (CD134) is critically required to sustain antiviral T cell and antibody responses that enable control of viral replication in the context of chronic LCMV infection. Here, we investigated whether reinforcing OX40 stimulation through an agonist antibody had the potential…

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