volume 13, issue S337, P291-294 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317010006
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D. Michilli, J. W. T. Hessels, J. Y. Donner, J.-M. Grießmeier, M. Serylak, B. Shaw, B. W. Stappers, J. P. W. Verbiest, A. T. Deller, L. N. Driessen, D. R. Stinebring, L. Bondonneau, M. Geyer, M. Hoeft et al.

Abstract: AbstractAn evolution of the low-frequency pulse profile of PSR B2217+47 is observed during a six-year observing campaign with the LOFAR telescope at 150 MHz. The evolution is manifested as a new component in the profile trailing the main peak. The leading part of the profile, including a newly-observed weak component, is steady during the campaign. The transient component is not visible in simultaneous observations at 1500 MHz using the Lovell telescope, implying a chromatic effect. A variation in the dispersi…

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