volume 164, issue 1, P35-44 2017
DOI: 10.1111/eea.12591
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Nathan T. Derstine, Bonnie Ohler, Sebastian Ibarra Jimenez, Peter Landolt, Gerhard Gries

Abstract: Abstract Little is known about the roles of sex pheromones in mate‐finding behavior of social wasps (Vespidae). Working with the aerial yellowjacket, Dolichovespula arenaria (Fabricius), baldfaced hornet, Dolichovespula maculata (L.), western yellowjacket, Vespula pensylvanica (Saussure), southern yellowjacket, Vespula squamosa (Drury), and Vespula alascensisPackard, we tested the hypotheses (1) that gynes produce an airborne sex pheromone attractive to males, and (2) that males are more strongly attracted to…

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