volume 13, issue S337, P247-250 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317009346
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B. B. P. Perera, B. W. Stappers, A. G. Lyne, C. G. Bassa, I. Cognard, L. Guillemot, M. Kramer, G. Theureau, G. Desvignes

Abstract: AbstractPSR B1820–30A is located in the globular cluster NGC 6624 and has the smallest projected distance to the centre of any globular cluster in the sky plane. We observe this millisecond pulsar over more than 25 years and obtain higher-order rotational frequency time derivative measurements through high-precision timing. Modelling these higher-order derivatives as being due to orbital motion, we find that the pulsar is in either a low-eccentricity smaller orbit with a low mass companion or a high-eccentrici…

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