PLoS ONE volume 9, issue 5, Pe98302 2014 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0098302 View full text Has correction 2019-02-15
Shuang Liang, Melissa Varrecchia, Kenji Ishida, Emmitt R. Jolly

Abstract: Schistosome worms of the genus Schistosoma are the causative agents of schistosomiasis, a devastating parasitic disease affecting more than 240 million people worldwide. Schistosomes have complex life cycles, and have been challenging to manipulate genetically due to the dearth of molecular tools. Although the use of gene overexpression, gene knockouts or knockdowns are straight-forward genetic tools applied in many model systems, gene misexpression and genetic manipulation of schistosome genes in vivo has bee…

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