volume 40, issue 8, P743-749 2012
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcms.2012.01.023
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Gregor F. Raschke, Ulrich M. Rieger, Rolf-Dieter Bader, Michael Kirschbaum, Niklas Eckardt, Stefan Schultze-Mosgau

Abstract: Before undergoing a reconstructive procedures of the nose most patients ask how they will look postoperatively. Anthropometric measurements of the nose described by Farkas represent standard values. A comparison of pre- and postoperative anthropometric measurements may help to double-check the correctness of intraoperative "eye-balling" measurements with regards to postoperative appearance. Sixty-three patients underwent reconstruction of nasal ala, tip or dorsum. An analysis of standardized pre- and postopera…

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