DOI: 10.1093/tas/txab052
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Patricia Ochonski, Fangzhou Wu, Mike D Tokach, Joel M DeRouchey, Steve S Dritz, Robert D Goodband, Jason C Woodworth, James M Lattimer

Abstract: Abstract Enogen® Feed Corn (EFC; Syngenta Seeds, LLC, Downers Grove, IL) hybrids contain a trait for expression of heat-stable alpha amylase in the grain. Alpha amylase is an enzyme responsible for breakdown of starch in the small intestine; supplementation of exogenous alpha amylase to pigs may result in greater starch digestibility and thus improved gain efficiency. A total of 288 pigs (Line 600 × 241, DNA, Columbus, NE; initially 41.6 kg) were utilized in an 82-d trial to determine if replaci…

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