volume 9, issue 1, P1-10 2021
DOI: 10.51791/njap.v9i1.2230
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O. F. Amubode, B. L. Fetuga, G. M. Babatunde

Abstract: THE daily mthionine + cystine (MC) requirement of cobb-broiler chicken was estimated in three con­secutive experiments. In experiment 1, three groups of 30 day-old birds were fed one of eight diets. The diets contained bet­ween 0.52% and 1.08% MC in 0.08% stepwise in­crements. Liveweight gain peaked at 0.84% and 0.76% MC levels during 1-21 days (period 1) and 21-42 days (period 2) growth phases, respectively. MC intake/bird/d at these 0.84% and 0.76% MC levels was 0.21g and 0.42g respectively. Efficiency of fe…

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