volume 166, issue 9, P752-760 2018
DOI: 10.1111/eea.12721
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Roxanne Sage, Rebecca A. Boulton, Paola F. Lahuatte, Charlotte E. Causton, Richard Cloutier, George E. Heimpel

Abstract: Under the hypothesis of environmentally cued hatching (ECH), eggs are stimulated to hatch by cues favouring larval survival. Here we investigated whether the bird-parasitic nest fly Philornis downsi Dodge & Aitken (Diptera: Muscidae) exhibits ECH in response to the presence of suitable hosts and environmental conditions. Philornis downsi is an invasive in the Galapagos Islands and ECH could help to explain its success in a novel habitat. We found that the presence of hosts (nesting birds) per se does not acce…

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