DOI: 10.1016/j.chemphyslip.2007.06.026
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Abstract: X-ray diffraction. Small-angle X-ray diffraction of the bilayers of DPPC and DOPC mixtures with 20 mol% stigmasterol or ergosterol at 20 • C showed three lamellar repeat spacings at 7.1, 6.5 and 5.9 nm, which are designated gel, liquid ordered (L o ) and liquid disordered (L ␣ )phases, respectively. Upon heating from 20 • C, the gel phase disappeared at about 36 • C and transformed into L o phase. The coexisting L o and L ␣ phases of a 1:1:0.5 DPPC/DOPC/stigmasterol mixture exist up to 60 • C. These two phase…

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