volume 14, issue 3, P433-525 2008
DOI: 10.1017/s1357321700001781
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M. H. Tripp, C. Chan, S. Haria, N. Hilary, K. Morgan, G. C. Orros, G. R. Perry, K. Tahir-Thomson

Abstract: ABSTRACTThe authors have reviewed over 60 texts on the subject of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). In this paper they set out a summary of ERM based on three of those sources, selected for their relevance and breadth of view. The paper observes that the approaches described vary widely in nature. A separate ‘on-line” source is provided, which summarises key readings from the 60 texts. Combining findings from these texts with the authors' own experiences, the paper suggests some best practice checklists, desig…

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