volume 164, issue 3, P269-275 2017
DOI: 10.1111/eea.12614
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Hamidou Maïga, Nanwintoum Séverin Bimbilé-Somda, Hanano Yamada, Oliver Wood, David Damiens, Wadaka Mamai, Fabrizio Balestrino, Rosemary S. Lees, Roch K. Dabiré, Abdoulaye Diabaté, J.R.L. Gilles

Abstract: AbstractInnovations in mosquito mass-rearing techniques are essential in the quest to develop SIT (sterile insect technique) methods to fight mosquito vectors of disease. This study reports modifications to the Food and Agriculture Organisation/International Atomic Energy Agency (FAO/IAEA) mass-rearing cage (MRC) for mosquitoes to support the behaviour of adult Anopheles arabiensis Patton (Diptera: Culicidae) and to maximize egg production. The effects of an improved sugarfeeding device, and the addition of r…

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