volume 39, issue 8, P1569-1575 2005
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2004.11.037
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Anthony Mshandete, Lovisa Björnsson, Amelia K. Kivaisi, S.T. Rubindamayugi, Bo Mattiasson

Abstract: Pre-treatment of sisal pulp prior to its anaerobic digestion was investigated using an activated sludge mixed culture under aerobic conditions in batch bioreactors at 37 degrees C. The progression of aerobic pre-treatment of the residue in relation to the activities of some extracellular hydrolytic enzymes in the slurry was monitored. The highest activity of hydrolytic enzymes was obtained at 9 h of pre-treatment. Filter paper cellulase had a maximum activity of 0.90 IU/ml, while carboxymethyl cellulase, amyla…

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