volume 32, issue 40, P10773-10778 1993
DOI: 10.1021/bi00091a031
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Niels C. Kaarsholm, Kjeld Norris, Rikke J. Joergensen, Joergen Mikkelsen, Svend Ludvigsen, Ole H. Olsen, Anders R. Soerensen, Svend Havelund

Abstract: To evaluate the possible relationship between biological activity and structural stability in selected regions of the insulin molecule, we have analyzed the guanidine hydrochloride induced reversible unfolding of a series of mutant insulins using a combination of near- and far-UV circular dichroism (CD). The unfolding curves are reasonably described on the basis of a two-state denaturation scheme; however, the observation of subtle differences between near- and far-UV CD detected unfolding indicates that inter…

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