AVM volume 5, issue 2, P3-10 2012 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v5i2.165 View full text
Ljubica Spasojević Kosić, Vesna Lalošević, Stanislav Simin, Ljiljana Kuruca

Abstract: Concerning infectious diseases in hunting dogs, parasites represent an important etiological agent. Among zoonotic diseases, parasitosis, and in particular, helminthosis can cause serious public health concern. This study was performed to investigate infestations with endoparasites in hunting dogs. A total of 43 faecal samples from owned hunting dogs were collected, and were examined for the presence of endoparasites. The overall prevalence of endoparasitic infestation was 65, 15% and six species were found: T…

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