volume 33, issue 9, P549-558 1993
DOI: 10.1002/pen.760330907
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Abstract: Abstract A variety of different styrene monomers [styrene (S), p‐fluorostyrene (p‐FS), pentafluorostyrene (PFS), p‐chlorostyrene (p‐ClS), p‐bromostyrene (p‐BrS), p‐methylstyrene (p‐MS), p‐tert‐butylstyrene (p‐tBS), p‐methoxystyrene (p‐MOS), p‐ethoxystyrene (p‐EOS), and p‐propoxystyrene (p‐POS)] have been polymerized by radical and cationic mechanisms. Copolymers of S/PFS, S/p‐ClS, S/2‐vinyl‐naphthalene (2‐VN), and S/p‐phenylstyrene (p‐PhS) were prepared by radical polymerization. All polymers were fully amorp…

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