MRS Proc. 1996 DOI: 10.1557/proc-461-109 View full text
T. L. Morkved, W. A. Lopes, M. Lu, A. M. Urbas, H. M. Jaeger, P. Mansky, T. P. Russell

Abstract: ABSTRACTLocal control of domain orientation in diblock copolymer thin films is demonstrated through the use of external electric fields. Thin films of a polystyrene-polymethylmethacrylate diblock copolymers, denoted P(S-b-MMA), were spin coated onto silicon nitride membrane substrates with prefabricated in-plane electrodes, forming cylindrical PMMA microdomains. Films annealed under an applied electric field (E ≤ 37V/μm) at 250°C for 24h under an argon atmosphere showed an alignment of the cylindrical microdom…

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