MRS Proc. 2000 DOI: 10.1557/proc-610-b10.5 View full text
Susan Earles, Mark Law, Kevin Jones, Rich Brindos, omit Talwar

Abstract: AbstractTo investigate the effects of ramp rate on the transient enhanced diffusion of boron in silicon, laser thermal processing (LTP) in the nonmelt regime has been investigated. A nonmelt laser anneal has been performed on a 5 keV, 1e15 boron implant. The implant energy of 5keV was chosen to simplify analysis. A rapid thermal anneal (RTA) at 1000°C and furnace anneals at 750 °C were used to show the effect of post annealing on the LTPd samples. Results show the sheet resistance drops by up to a factor of tw…

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