volume 11, issue 2, P117-122 2021
DOI: 10.51791/njap.v11i2.2540
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F. N. Madubuike

Abstract: Forty-five Yorkshire baby pigs from five litters (9 pigs from each litter and with mean body weight 1.9kg), at two days of age were randomly, within litter, left with the sow to 21 days of age (treatment 1), weaned to a 24% protein dry diet fed ad libitum (treatment 2), or to homogenized cow milk fed in restricted amounts four times daily to 21 days of age (treatment 3). From day 22, all pigs were fed a corn-soybean meal type diet containing 18% protein to 10 weeks of age, and a similar diet containing 16% pro…

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