volume 148, issue 1-3, P114-118 2008
DOI: 10.1016/j.mseb.2007.09.036
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Abstract: The glass-forming ability and thermal stability was investigated in a family of Ni-based alloys. The alloys were made by the addition of Al and Ti into Ni 60 Zr 20 Nb 20 . Upon Al addition, the supercooled liquid region ( T x ), the reduced glass transition temperatures (T g /T l ) and γ = T x /(T g + T l ) gradually increase with the increasing Al content. The maximum values of T x = 54 K, T g /T l = 0.615, and γ = 0.405 are reached at the Ni 60 Zr 20 Nb 15 Al 5 composition, which exhibits the largest GFA, a…

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