volume 50, issue 2, P51-56 2017
DOI: 10.1515/cerce-2017-0014
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R.A. Hameed, S. Ajum, M.N. Afzal

Abstract: AbstractWeed control management has a vital role in increasing cotton yield and yield components. In cotton crop weed, infestation may harm significant growth and yield loses. To control the weeds under field conditions in cotton crop, different herbicides were selected with different dose levels. Response of various post emergence herbicides at different levels, i.e. Round up 490 G/L at the rate of 4.7 L ha−1, 2.7 L ha−1and 1.5 L ha−1(Glyphosate), Gramoxone 20EC (Paraquat) at the rate of 2.5 L ha−1and untreat…

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